Onboard preamp 3-band

The GLOCKENKLANG 3-band onboard preamp is active/passive switchable (at the volume push/pull), has a balance-pot with no volume dip in center-position, a treble-pot with +/- 18 dB@18 KHz in active mode, acting as classical highcut in passive mode, mid-pot +/- 9 dB@550 Hz and a bass-pot with +/- 14 dB@40 Hz. Battery-connection is 9 / 18 volts.

Due to the high performance electronic, in flat position of the eq you can hear no difference between active and passive mode!
It comes pre-wired with highflexible cables.

Don´t mind the frequencies, we choose them very carefully!

The preamp is also available with stacked treble/bass pot. In this case, the passive treble blend is not available!

Connection diagrams:

Onboard Preamp connection diagram

Onboard Preamp stacked connection diagram

Onboard Preamp connection diagram w/o blend pot


Technical Data:
Gain: 1 (0 dB)
Input-impedance (without Balance): 1,5 MOhm
Frequency range: 20 Hz -20 KHz
Bass: +/- 14 dB@40 Hz
Mid: +/- 9 dB@550 Hz
Treble: +/- 18 dB@18 KHz
Power requirement: 9/18 volts/2,3 mA
Min. installation depth: 28 mm (1.1")