Soul II Bass head

The Soul II head rewards its owners with clear, articulate and powerful sound reproduction. Its power amp was designed to be lightning fast, and to deliver high fidelity performance. The pre amp´s main feature is the 5 band eq, with its specially tailored frequency centers. It allows the artist to quickly and exactly shape his individual sound. The Soul II amplifier is a top instrument for discriminating bass artists, capable of producing a lively and accurate bass sound, even under extreme conditions. Increased gain levels provide smooth overdrive.

We modified the preamp for more warmth and dynamic in sound and more fun in playing. We changed the mid frequency to the same as Heart-Rock. All other technical datas are the same.


Gitarre & Bass

Technical Data

High performance power amp section (440 watts / 4 0hms, 250 watts / 8 ohms)
Excellent equalization section
LED peak indicator for pre amp and power amp
LED indicators for all switch functions
Optimally routed effects loops
Dual input A/B box with separate pre gain trim for input B
Balanced DI out with level control
Compact and robust 2 space amplifier exterior
Input A for passive instruments
Input B for active instruments, with additional pre gain trim control
Tone controls:
Switchable 5 band EQ
Bass +/- 15 dB
Low +/- 12 dB
Mid +/- 8 dB
High +/- 12 dB
Treble +/- 12 dB
Effect lopps
1serial effects loop, pre eq
1parallel effects loop, post eq, intensity controlled by effects section on the
front panel, footswitchable
Dimensions: 19", 2 rackspaces
Weight: 11 kg, (24lbs)